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  • Unlimited Forms
  • 250 Monthly Submissions
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Advanced Spam Protection
  • hCaptcha Integration
  • All Basic Features
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Billed Yearly (Save $45)

  • Everything from Free Plan
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • File Attachments
  • reCaptcha & Cloudflare Turnstile
  • Autoresponders
  • Add Trusted Domains
  • Webhooks

You'll be charged $99 + taxes per year
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Billed Yearly (2 months free)

  • Manage multiple clients
  • Add upto 20 client emails
  • Billed only for main account
  • Unlimited Submissions*
  • Unlimited Forms
  • reCaptcha & Webhooks

You'll be charged $229 + taxes per year
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Looking for an Affordable plan for personal projects? Subscribe to our Starter Plan for just $4/mo.
Starter plan includes free plan + 5k monthly submissions, reCaptcha & webhooks.
Visit Michael Purcella, Web DeveloperAvatar

Web3forms provides 250 free form submissions per month, and an option to set custom redirect on form submission which was a huge deal to me. Those were the two biggest things.

Michael Purcella, Web Developer


Frequently Asked Questions

How Web3Forms is different from other contact forms?

Web3Forms provides higher form submission limits, custom redirection on form submission, advanced captcha to prevent spam and more features on the free plan than other contact form solutions.

How Web3Forms is related to the latest Web3 Technologies?

Web3Forms does not have any direct connection to the latest Web3 Trend. We started our companyWeb3Creativein 2011 and we name our projects using the term Web3 + Product Name. Our Other Projects Include Web3Templates, Web3Canvas & Web3Inspiration. Then came the new Web3 Trend. What a coincidence!

What is the refund Policy?

If you purchased Pro plan and did not find it suitable for your needs, contact us with in 7 days of your purchase. We will provide you full refund. We might ask why you are leaving.

Is this free plan really free?

Yes, You can use the free plan as long as you needed without even creating an account. However we might suspend your account if we detect any abuse or misuse of this service.

Is my email and form data safe & secure?

Yes. We only store email address to send form submission. We don't store your form data on our server. However there might the server logs which is used for debugging purposes.

How do I cancel my Pro plan?

You can go to the "Subscription Manage" link in the first email you've received. Or, just contact us and we will do that for you.

Why is the Pro plan so cheap?

Web3Forms is developed with latest serverless technologies to cut costs so that more people can use our service. We only charge a fair price to cover our costs plus a little more for our time & effort.

My Access Key is publicly available in the code. What should I do?

No Problem, The Access Key can be Public and its safe to use it in the client side code. It works as an alias for your email address thus protecting it from public. Contact us if you want to change your Access key.

I lost my Access key, What should I do?

If you lost the access key, don't worry. Just enter your email again to generate Access key and we will send it to you again.

What happens if I exceeds the submission limit?

We don't put hard limits on any accounts. However we might send an email to notify you about the same and ask you to upgrade.

Can I add multiple email addresses in one account?

Yes, we call it as Agency Plan. You can add up to 20 client email addresses under one agency account. Contact support to enable this.

Do you support Purchase Power Parity (PPP) Discount?

Yes, we know that not everyone earns a US Salary. We wanted to make it affordable globally. Please contact support with your country name if you want a PPP discount.

Is Unlimited submissions really Unlimited?

Submissions are unlimited subject to our fair usage policy. If we detect any abuse or excessive usage of our service, we might ask you to upgrade to a higher plan. For Agency plan, unlimited only applies to the primary account, All sub-accounts (clients) are limited to 5000 submissions per month.

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